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Celebrate Spring!

I know many of you have been struggling through a long cold winter. To me January and February felt like being on a plane in a holding pattern, over an airport. Lots of spinning but no manifestation. If you're feeling blue or lethargic April will give you a shot of energy, as it is a dynamic eclipse month, so know the end is in site.

There are many changes and patterns in our planet, our Sun, our solar system, the whole galazy. It's what I think of as organized chaos. The adage of 'As above, so below' couldn't be more appropriate for the times we are moving through. I believe we are all here now for a reason, we volunteered. So in the midst of our chaos, make time to meditate, go into your heart chakra the source of your emotional intelligence & intuition and seek your inner wisdom. More importantly, this practice will keep you from slipping into fear or anxiety, both of which collapse your energy field.

If you haven't yet, I think everyone can benefit from an updated astrology session. It will provide you with vital information to navigate 2014. I'm available for in-person sessions in Raleigh, NC, or phone and skype for remote sessions. If you haven't yet used skype just send an invite to june.crane. A potential trip to the North will likely be June or July.

Peace and Light,

      June Crane


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June Crane's Bio

June Crane Starpathz, Professional Astrologer

June Crane is a professional astrologer, intuitive consultant and teacher with over 25 years experience.

Specializing in personal, electional and relocation astrology, she is a certified Astro*Carto*Graphy™   interpreter and Level III NCGR-PAA.

In addition to her private consultations, June travels and lectures nationally on Astrology, the Tarot and Creating Sacred Space. Her teaching philosophy focuses on presenting knowledge in a warm and direct manner, making learning accessible to all. As a result, June is a popular speaker at both Astrology and Feng Shui conferences & local organizations around the country. Her compassionate advice and accurate timing has earned her the trust and confidence of a national clientele. June currently calls the greater Raleigh, NC area her new home.

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Spring Forecast TB posted shortly

Many Blessings,

June Crane

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