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Starpathz, Professional Astrology Services

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a cosmic language that represents a collection of ancient knowledge which can help you navigate your life. It symbolically depicts the changing cosmic energy pattern flowing through the universe from moment to moment. Just as no moment in time is ever the same no two horoscopes are the same. It is a study of planetary cycles in the up and down affairs of the human experience.

The astrologer studies and understands the cosmic cycles and can interpret what that means to us on both a collective and individual level. Simplistically, we can view our natal birth chart as a frozen picture of the heavens at the time we each were born.

How can Astrology help you?

Every cycle we experience holds within it the kernel for our growth. It's a tool for understanding the nature or quality of time we are experiencing. Astrology provides a map that alerts us to opportunities or pitfalls along our lives path. With that information we can match the complimentary activity with the 'right timing'.

ASTROLOGY CLASSES: Please see offerings on Classes

"June is an amazingly talented person who really knows how to use her gifts. She has an intelligent and insightful approach to her readings. She has truly impacted my life in very positive way." Christine G.


Your 'birth chart' is a map of the heavens at the time you were born. The natal consultation provides insight into your talents, potentials and challenges. The consultation will interpret the planets & signs in your natal horoscope offering you greater understanding into your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual dynamic. This information is invaluable when understanding family & personal relationship interactions, education & career choices, karmic lessons & spiritual pathways. Perfect for those choosing vocations, starting a second career, looking to improve communication in relationships, developing creative abilities or looking to find their spiritual life path.

Send an email to Junejunec611@aol.com today to schedule your appointment.

June Crane - Starpathz

Natal Astrology
One Hour Session
In-Person or Phone. Payment with paypal or Venmo


"I have had a considerable amount of exposure to June and her work. She has so much knowledge in her field and unselfishly shares her ability to support any serious student of the spiritual path. Her readings are accurate and insightful, pointing the way to creating a peaceful and harmonious life. One is always left with a deep sense of being able to handle the challenges life is presenting, that there is a clear and direct path to moving forward. In other words that there is a way out and hope. This ability is combined with June's personal warmth, and ability to be supportive, nurturing and caring. She is the consummate professional with high spiritual, ethics and moral values. I have recommended her to many people over the years knowing their lives would be completely transformed by the experience of working with June." Steve Thomson


An update for your natal birth chart that explores cosmic patterns currently activating your natal chart with both transits and progressions. Are you in a growth and prosperity cycle that bodes well for pushing forward and expanding? Or a cycle that restricts energy and calls on you to simplify? Knowing the answer to those questions can help you successfully plan your year. It shows you when to go with the flow, as opposed to fighting up stream.

Will this be a year activating emotional patterns? Personal and spiritual development? The update will focus on 3 areas of special interest to you in the coming year, career, relationships, job changes are a few suggests.

Send an email to junec611@aol.com today to schedule your appointment.June will explain what the next 12 months potential holds for you.

June Crane - Starpathz

Yearly Astrology Update
One Hour Session
In-Person, phonw & Zoom. Email for your aoointment today!


YEARLY ASTROLOGY UPDATE Past successful services . . .

  • Best times for travel
  • Best times for buy, sell, auction Real Estate or other property
  • Beginning business or expanding current
  • Cycles for resolving business &/or personal relationship issues


Have a single question that you'd like astrological input or timing for?
Includes input for one person in 20 minute phone session.

Mini-Astrology Session
20 Minute Session
In-Person or Phone


Astrological Coaching Package: Get on time with your life.

Is there something about your life you'd like to change? Fitness, diet, career, finances, relationships, self defeating behaviors? Perhaps you'd like to start a new project or activity, but procrastination is getting in your path.

June has evolved a technique that will teach you dynamic tools to support your growth, follow through and get results! The sessions are designed to offer you valuable & pertinent information toward achieving the goals you desire.

Astrological Coaching Package

No astrological knowledge is necessary to understand & benefit from the sessions. This is an amazing process & learning experience for your personal growth. The 4 session package is not a natal chart but you can come to understand yourself in greater depth if that is your focus. The package is not a substitute for the yearly astrology update, but it can help you maximize your potential, prioritize and make the changes that you are seeking.

Four one hour sessions arranged around your timeline. Once a week or once a month, it's up to you.

Astrological Coaching Package
Four 1 Hour Sessions, with phone or Zoom email for pricing



A few questions you might have:

How do I make my appointment? Email Junec611@aol.com
1. Include your Name
2. Contact info - both phone & email
3. Birth date, time, year and place. (Note: If no time is entered Solar sign chart will be run.)
4. Preference for day or evening appointment. (June is in NC - Eastern Time)

How do I pay? Payment is requested to reserve an appointment. June accepts paypal and Venmo.

How soon can I get an appointment?

It takes time to prepare your chart and integrate both schedules, in general 2 weeks.

Do I phone June or does she phone me?

If you live in the domestic U.S., June will phone you at the number you provide.

I live internationally, can she phone me?

In that case you can make arrangements to call June or use Zoom