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June Crane's STARPATHZ - Tarot Reading & Classes

Tarot Divination

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Astrology

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"June Crane is one of the best lecturers on the Astrology circuit. She has the skill to take her topic, make it clearly understood in practical terms and to keep both the beginner and advanced student interested. I have heard her lecture on various topics and find her consistently able to deliver her subject matter." Joanne Castro, President NNJ NCGR

New Tarot Tele-Classes starting!!! taught by June Crane

Learn the tarot from a master and right from the comfort of your home! Class sequences have been designed for the student to gain the most from building upon their knowledge each week. Therefore the classes are in two- 5 week sessions, no individual classes will be offered. If you miss a class you will receive a mp3 audio of that weeks lesson. However if you want Session I but not II that's ok, or vice versa. Participants will receive a class syllabus with printed lesson material for each week, home work and suggested activities. The following is a brief outline of material that will be covered.

Session 1~ Major Arcana~

5 week class structure that will include the study of the 22 Trumps of the Major Arcana.

Material covered: Care of the cards, brief history of Tarot origins. Class will include foundational teaching of symbols, numerology & astrology, four elements, color and Kabala as pertinent to the reading of the Tarot. Intro to basic layouts and preparation for the reading.

Session 2~ Minor Arcana~

5 week class structure for the study of the 56 Cards of the Minor Arcana. Symbology of the Four elements & Suits of the Minor Arcana. Keywords. Study of the Court cards Kings, Queens, Knights and selecting significators. The student will learn how to put it all together in a reading layout.

June Crane - Starpathz

Session I: Major Arcana

Session II: Minor Arcana

(5 weeks each)

Tarot Session I: The Wisdom of the Major Arcana

The Tarot is used as a spiritual guide to help better understand your life. Once you learn to interpret the ancient symbols contained in each card they will help you connect to your higher self. In the first session Tarot I, the student will learn to interpret the individual cards of the Major Arcana, the procedure for a basic layout & exercises to increase your intuitive connection to the cards. An exploration of Numerology, Astrology and color will deepen your understanding of the Tarot as you develop your intuitive skills. This class is for beginners and those seeking a refresher course. Scroll down for start date, time, cost and other information. Tarot deck: Rider-Waite Deck (available at all major booksellers) will be utilized but all decks are welcome! If you are going to miss a class an mp3 will be sent via email.

Session I Major Arcana: 2012 Class dates TBA
    In order to ensure receiving all lessons in PDF form before the sessions start, payment must be received 1 wk prior to first class.

Tarot Major Arcana, Session I
(5 Classes) $130

June Crane - Starpathz June Crane - Starpathz June Crane - Starpathz

Tarot II: The Wisdom of the Minor Arcana

In Tarot II, we will continue to build on the knowledge learned in session I. The student will be taught keywords to interpret the four suits of the Minor Arcana & court cards. Once familiar with the symbols of both the Major & Minor Arcana, you will learn to put it all together in an effective reading. Layout will be discussed. This class is for beginners and those seeking a refresher course. Tarot deck: Rider-Waite Deck (available at all major booksellers. Upon completion of sessions I & II the student will have a attained a good foundation in being able to understand the symbology of the Tarot.

Session II Minor Arcana: 2012 Class dates TBA
    In order to ensure receiving all lessons in PDF form before the sessions start, payment must be received 1 wk prior to first class.

Tarot Minor Arcana, Session II
(5 Classes) $130

About the Classes:

These foundational classes for understanding the Tarot will be offered ONCE a year and will be necessary for the more advanced material to follow. Please call or email for any additional details, scheduling etc.

Each session has 5 classes. Each class will be 80 min. (60 min. instruction & 20 min for Q&A) from 8:00-9:20PM.ET

For those of you unfamiliar with tele-classes, it’s a wonderful way to learn that grew out of corporate meetings and here’s how it works. After registration you will be given a phone # and code. On the designated date and time you phone that #, enter the code and you’ll be entered into a virtual classroom over the phone from the privacy of your own home or wherever!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please send an email to junec611@aol.com. Payment is due in full before classes start.

Astrology Classes

Beginning Astrology

'Knowing Yourself through Astrology'

June’s 5 week astrology course will combine astrological theory with plenty of insight into the birth charts of all participants, in an informal, fun atmosphere. Each participant gets a copy of their natal chart, handouts and homework to reinforce learning. Material covered: Zodiac signs, planets, houses & ascendant. Participants will learn how to put it all together.

Intermediate & Advanced Astrology

Intermediate Classes: Material designed to lay foundational knowledge in predictive astrology & more in-depth analysis of natal patterns.

Advanced Int Classes: Different predictive techniques, SR, prog. Moon, minor aspects and more.

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